2008K@home Dialysis System

With a history of superior quality outcomes and state-of-the-art technological achievement, Fresenius Medical Care leads the industry in developing programs and therapies that inspire renal patients with confidence. Our specially designed products and a commitment to service and support make it possible for patients to have their dialysis at home.

The 2008K@home is designed with safeguards to give your patients confidence, and many sophisticated product features make the hemodialysis system easy to learn and easy to use. Read on to learn how the 2008K@home machine lets you choose a therapy modality that fits your patient’s medical condition and lifestyle.

Intuitive Design

The colour LCD screens of the 2008K@home have an intuitive design that displays graphical illustrations, task oriented prompts and a detailed step by step tutorial for the setup procedure, treatment connect and treatment end. All line clamps are identified by letters. The HELP function provides support even for new operators to solve problems during alarm situations.

UF Calculator

With the ultrafiltration calculator, using the keypad, patients only need to enter one parameter before the start of dialysis. All other prescribed treatment parameters are stored in the 2008K@home, which helps make setup easy.


The WetAlert wireless wetness detector is a disposable device that can sense leaks. During the treatment, the WetAlert device transmits radio signals to the 2008K@home hemodialysis machine and will alert the machine if the device detects wetness when positioned at the venous access site. During a wetness alarm, the 2008K@home hemodialysis machine will automatically stop the blood pump, close the venous clamp, and sound an alarm.


DIASAFEplus is a filter for dialysate purification that is used in the 2008K@home hemodialysis machine. It is especially important in home hemodialysis, where increased frequency, increased treatment time, and potential water contamination can pose risks. Clinical studies have shown the long-term benefits of purified dialysate because it causes less inflammatory stimulation. The filter integrates into the disinfection and self-testing program of the machine and is designed to be easily replaced by the patient every three months.3,4,5,6

Home Hemodialysis Bloodline

Fresenius Medical Care designed this bloodline with optimal length for safety and convenience of the home dialysis patient. The design of the integrated drain bag and pre-connected saline administration tubing may help to reduce the risk of touch contamination risk during the setup procedure. Colour-coded connectors and numbered line tape match the on-screen prompts throughout the treatment. After the emptying program at the end of treatment, all clamps and connectors are closed, allowing for proper disposal.
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