FX CorDiax Series

Introducing the FX CorDiax dialyzer

Our new membrane, known as the Helixone®plus, is integral to the FX CorDiax, the most efficient dialyzer within the FX-class family. Advances in fibre design and membrane porosity allow improved clearance of small molecular toxins as well as an improved removal of middle molecules.

Manufacturing of the Helixone®plus membrane involves a process known as Nano Controlled Spinning (NCS™) Technology, which allows the creation of a defined pore structure and a distribution profile of the inner membrane layer according to the desired application.

The use of FX CorDiax dialyzers in High-Flux dialysis or in ONLINE HDF helps to drive the delivery of the best possible therapy outcomes.

Inline steam sterilization 

This complex procedure delivers an exceptionally high degree of purity characterized by:

  • Sterility and pyrogenicity
  • Freedom from pore fillers
  • Proven integrity of the membrane fibres
  • Low rinsing volume (500 ml)

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