Optiflux® Advanced Fresenius Polysulfone® Dialyzers

Fresenius Medical Care offers a wide range of biocompatible polysulfone dialyzers to meet the clinical needs of all patient types.

High Flux
Clearance of the high flux dialyzer is driven by a combination of diffusion and convection.  This more permeable membrane allows for removal of both small and middle molecular weight solutes.

Low Flux
Low flux dialyzers have excellent urea clearance to reliably achieve desired Kt/V adequacy goals and are a proven alternative for performance and biocompatibility.

Low Volume
Using a low volume dialyzer in conjunction with a low volume blood tubing set may help to minimize the amount of blood outside the patient’s body during therapy.  This can be a critical factor in smaller patients with a smaller total blood volume.

The Fresenius Medical Care acute dialyzers and filters are specifically designed for acute hemodialysis treatments.  The fibres in these dialyzers have a larger inner diameter, which may reduce blood flow resistance.