FX CorDiax Series

Introducing the FX CorDiax dialyzer

Our new membrane, known as the Helixone®plus, is integral to the FX CorDiax, the most efficient dialyzer within the FX-class family. Advances in fibre design and membrane porosity allow improved clearance of small molecular toxins as well as an improved removal of middle molecules.

Manufacturing of the Helixone®plus membrane involves a process known as Nano Controlled Spinning (NCS™) Technology, which allows the creation of a defined pore structure and a distribution profile of the inner membrane layer according to the desired application.

The use of FX CorDiax dialyzers in High-Flux dialysis or in ONLINE HDF helps to drive the delivery of the best possible therapy outcomes.

Inline steam sterilization 

This complex procedure delivers an exceptionally high degree of purity characterized by:

  • Sterility and pyrogenicity
  • Freedom from pore fillers
  • Proven integrity of the membrane fibres
  • Low rinsing volume (500 ml)

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NaturaLyte Liquid Acid Concentrate

NaturaLyte Liquid Acid Concentrate is available in jugs and drums with a 45X mix ratio. NaturaLyte acid concentrate is formulated to be used in conjunction with FMCNA Sodium Bicarbonate Concentrate in a compatible 45X dilution three-stream hemodialysis machine.

For every 45 volume parts of dialysate: 1 volume part of the NaturaLyte acid concentrate, 1.72 volume parts of FMCNA Sodium Bicarbonate Concentrate and 42.28 volume parts of Purified Water (AAMI quality) are used.


Fresenius Medical Care contributes to enhanced care in modern clinics by offering an innovative range of seating solutions. The T688 Medical Treatment Chair offers the ideal combination of patient comfort and staff safety, both of which are key priorities in providing optimum care.

The T688 has been designed for use in renal dialysis, oncology, immunology, pathology, ED, maternity, post-op/recovery and critical care.

Fresenius Medical Care also manufactures variations on the T688 series which cater to the ICU and the Bariatric markets. These include the T688 B (Bariatric) Height Adjustable Treatment Chair with a safe working load of 300kg, and the T688 ICU (Lie-Flat) Height Adjustable Treatment Chair.


Treatment Chairs

Fresenius Medical Care recognizes the importance of safety and comfort to both health care professionals and patients. In order to meet those needs, we offer a variety of powered and non-powered treatment chairs, each with options to suit the needs of all users.

Evolution A4Evolution A4
Powered Chairs

Powered Chairs


Optiflux® Advanced Fresenius Polysulfone® Dialyzers

Fresenius Medical Care offers a wide range of biocompatible polysulfone dialyzers to meet the clinical needs of all patient types.

High Flux
Clearance of the high flux dialyzer is driven by a combination of diffusion and convection.  This more permeable membrane allows for removal of both small and middle molecular weight solutes.

Low Flux
Low flux dialyzers have excellent urea clearance to reliably achieve desired Kt/V adequacy goals and are a proven alternative for performance and biocompatibility.

Low Volume
Using a low volume dialyzer in conjunction with a low volume blood tubing set may help to minimize the amount of blood outside the patient’s body during therapy.  This can be a critical factor in smaller patients with a smaller total blood volume.

The Fresenius Medical Care acute dialyzers and filters are specifically designed for acute hemodialysis treatments.  The fibres in these dialyzers have a larger inner diameter, which may reduce blood flow resistance.