The pre-treatment of a reverse osmosis (RO) unit is a critical component to a well-designed water purification system. Proper pre-treatment not only protects the RO unit from premature failure, but also has a major influence on permeate quality.

Pre-Filtration Design

Our pre-filtration systems are customized to individual water sources, utilizing a combination of staged filtration, adsorption, oxidation and ion exchange. As a service to you, Fresenius Medical Care Canada will design and install pre-treatment components based on individual needs using superior, technologically advanced products.

Pre-treatment for small reverse osmosis systems is designed to be affixed to a portable cart. This convenient option houses both the RO (AquaUNO/AquaC UNO H) and a robust pre-treatment system, ideal for home dialysis and for dialysis treatment performed in the ICU.

Pre-Filtration Components

  • Nominal Sediment Filters
  • Absolute Sediment Filters
  • Media Filtration
  • All sizes of Carbon Tanks
  • Chloramine Reduction Cartridges
  • Water Softeners
  • Iron Filters
  • Blending Valves
  • Booster Pumps
  • Safety shut-off Valves (leak protection)