Bloodlines and Tubing Systems

Fresenius Medical Care offers a comprehensive range of bloodlines, including biocompatible lines that are DEHP-free, phthalate-free, and beta sterilized.  All of our bloodlines offer the following features:

  • Safe and easy-to-use components

  • High quality medical grade raw materials

  • Certified quality systems for development and production

• Beta-sterilized Bloodlines

Quality and reliability are the hallmarks of Fresenius bloodlines in function and use.  The 5008 series bloodlines feature superior handling with clearly colour-coded components and an ergonomic layout. Safety was central to the design of the lines, which are equipped with integrated transducer protectors, inspection windows and injection ports with enlarged finder protection shields.  Fresenius' 5008 bloodlines feature outstanding biocompatibility due to the use of DEHP-free plasticizers that are highly hemocompatible, with low cytotoxic reactions.

CombiSet® True Flow™ Bloodlines
These blood tubing sets are available for the 2008 range of hemodialysis systems.

  • CombiSet® Blood Volume Monitor configuration for Fresenius machines, available in 8mm and 6.35mm
  • Standard CombiSet® bloodlines.  Available in 8mm pre and post-pump configurations
  • CombiSet® Twister® Reverse Flow Device - the perfect tool for your vascular access surveillance program. Allows the reversal of blood flow with a simple twist – no need to manually reverse the bloodlines. Reduces the potential for blood exposure and accidental contamination.
  • CombiSet® Low Volume 6.35mm bloodlines for Fresenius machines